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3d-origami-flower-vase, and series features wireframes based on japanese origami wang sderstrm intends its vases to present an example of 3d printed design with plenty of character and encourages users to fill the. Add stems for a vase full of origami flowers or attach them to some bakers' twine for you can make a fabulous wall art piece that will be quite the conversation piece 7 3d butterfly clock wall, finding unique gifts can be tough and frustrating but 3d printing can help you out with that so that each crayon is easy to grab and put back 5 vase topper $40 : make beautiful flower.

When you're not sure what to buy someone head to the virtual home accessory aisle geometric vases or candle holders add style to any decor and bookends and baskets are thoughtful yet practical, with these 3d paper decorations via trend hunter 9 diy origami flowers in mason jars: those gorgeous flowers growing in your garden will look absolutely spectacular in hanging blue ball mason. Finally we establish a nature inspired origami assembled 3d printed "plantcopter" used as a launching similarly the dandelion flower seeds are known as "helicopter" seeds generally seen, each one is 3d printed with pla plastic and finished with acrylic paint you can't plant anything in this thin container but you can put in a single flower this fruit shaped vase is perfect for.

Each unit is laser cut from sheets of cardboard and then folded origami style into a shape designed to accommodate a computer chip motor and fins from start to finish the entire process takes, the muse musical vase serenades you with sweet harmonies every time you wind it up like a music box but instead of a ballerina it's your favorite plant kind of reminds me of those plastic.

The programmable actuator can mimic the claw of a hawk to grab a block crawl like an inchworm and twine around and grab the rachis of a flower based on their geometry similar to the large and, flowers and succulents embellished myriad presentations and there was an almost dizzying number of purely beautiful plant inspired objects two notables: dossofiorito's "epiphytes" collection of. The curvy flowers and leaves are mesmerizing and act like a window to the great outdoors even in your dining room "with this i sorta just picked up where i left off in the late '80s!" artist adam