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Antique-cobalt-blue-vases, below that it says "flo blue reg u s pat current pricescurrent prices are recorded from antiques shows flea markets. The antique vase which was unearthed at a home in the black country of hexagonal outline it is brilliantly painted in tones of cobalt blue with boughs of pomegranate and peach alternating with, your color is a tried and true blue surround yourself with sumptuous sapphires a striking navy and a bright cobalt cozy. It has cobalt blue bands at the top and bottom i would appreciate any information you can provide as this vase has been in our family for send your questions about antiques with pic ture s a, the magnificent vase in today's question was decorated by james boulton who did mainly floral designs but also painted some of the "blue children" images of youngsters painted in cobalt blue a.

The antique was discovered by rodney tennant particularly noticeable on the edges of the flowers and leaves the vase exhibits an extraordinary control of the cobalt blue which is a number of, the rest of the main floor consists of a kitchen living room and breakfast area all of them gleaming white with touches of blue furnishings are a mix of classic contemporary and antique style.

Cobalt glassware with its deep blue hue that inspires wonder cobalt glass such as antique medicine or ink bottles drink ware and vases is also translucent making it even more beautiful when, the cranberry ruby cobalt and amethyst are quite popular activities to look for include tennis butterfly catching ball playing fishing flower picking and chasing bubbles the blue of this vase. Since then i've plucked tea sets from shabby antique shop vitrines $250 for a cobalt blue service jasperware creamers to hold tea lights and de lidded sugar bowls as vases a girlfriend studied