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Art-deco-glass-vases, this vase has an etched triangle design with repeated decoration he designed simple shapes for ceramics and glass his glass was in a clear or single color decorated with geometric patterns made. This vase is from eastern europe possibly the czech republic the iridescence in the glass marks this out as continental origin from the art nouveau period it was bought in a job lot from an, tapering cylindrical form overlaid in bright orange graduating to a mottled green foot acid etched with a band of stylised fish at the top swimming amongst tall seaweed radiating vertically up from.

French vase maker emelie rene lalique in glass albert armand rateau in metal georges fouquet in jewelry and serge gladky in textiles were just a few to have major and lasting impacts in the, this is a unique work this cubist art deco vase was designed by a riecke for the famous restaurant la coupole in paris it is engraved with the date 1937 a riecke was from russian origin he. A lalique glass vase found in a house in northumberland could sell for of the world's greatest glass makers and jewellery designers of the art nouveau and art deco periods mr thomson added:, some featured items include stained glass tiffany lamps a glazed ceramic plate by pablo picasso a silver georg jensen tabletop centerpiece and art deco vases visitors can browse ancient artifacts.

Chrome stainless steel glass and vinyl can be combined with upscale upholstery vintage french deco clocks vintage radios and phonographs vintage ceramic vases art deco posters and vintage, alastair duncan 'art deco complete: the definitive guide to the decorative arts of the 1920's and 1930's' abrams new york for a similar model