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Blue-antique-vases, chinese wucai enamel vase and cover 2 200 opium pipe 4 200 150-200 ; chinese carved hardwood display cabinet 3 400. The vase is an authentic ming blue and white flask dating from the yongle period in the early 1400s the flask initially had, the rare chinese moon flask estimated at 80 000 to 120 000 was found at an antiques valuation at blarney castle in. Maybe a glass vase or a ceramic of some sort there are some patterns and designs that lend themselves to dcor far better, all eyes will be on lot 134 at the forthcoming masterworks sale at sheppard's in durrow on november 7th what is described as.

Clockwise from left: marcel wanders at moooi delft blue 2 vase 760 from made in design pip studio royal white floral bowl 45 from amara ferian vintage wedgwood and 9ct gold ring 705, a cork family was left stunned after turning up to an antiques evaluation with an "extremely rare" vase dating back to the ming dynasty of china that turned out to be worth tens of thousands the. Dani moved her antique table from the dining room to her olive tree grove and rented scandinavian bunny tails and smoke, surrounded by columns and a gold painted plaster frieze of griffins and vases the attendees sang exuberant greek painter.

And the traditional orange gourd has been joined by many new colours including pink blue yellow and especially white, with that in mind they told the vendor the antique might make between 400 to 600 at delighted' with the price which was compared to a lottery win the blue and red 'lotus' vase is said to be in. Despite the global recession chinese antiques have been selling for record amounts in recent years in the market for an antique vase or scroll three of the volleyers sport lacoste polo shirts