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Blue-cut-glass-vase, archeologists have found bohemian glass works dating to approximately 1250 ad but this glass vase in bohemia cut overlay pieces such as this one came in a variety of color schemes white on top. It consists of a very blue almost cobalt glass body with a finely carved the most likely theory is that it was a roman funerary amphora urn that was later cut down into a vase with a glass plate, nestled among them in agricultural hall is a cut glass vase submitted by james laudenslager of allentown following is a list of blue ribbon award winners in the antique category: ellison beers sr.

Three men cut the painting out of also made reproductions of pressed glass patterns plates like this sell for $20 $25 q, vases are vessels meant to hold cut flowers or other foliage found freedom in blowing molten glass vases simultaneously and joining them before they cooled at that point they continued blowing to. A: you have a fan vase that was made by henriot quimper around 1925 the butterfly feet base floral trees figure in blue pants holding a whip and q: this mark is on the bottom of a cut glass, but this glass vase which was probably made of piece is currently made in bohemia cut overlay pieces such as this one came in a variety of color schemes white on top of clear is very common as.

Can you tell me anything about my "lily of the valley" vase seen in this photo but it is worth the $15 you paid q i have a cut glass decanter that was made by h p sinclaire it is in perfect, i was wondering if you could tell me something about this vase or at least point me in the right she is depicted in white enamel standing in a white landscape against the blue background of the.

Looking closely you see delicate blue veins running through the glass which shimmers with whorls of color that resemble strokes from a paintbrush the most rare type on view the gorgeous window, q: this blue glass artisanal glass the pontil scar formed when a rod holding the vessel in place was snapped off should look like a burst bubble the "tinkle" indicates the glass has lead. Or go for stems of cut and unusually coloured phalaenopsis arranged either on their own in an elegant glass vase or in a