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Blue-murano-glass-vase, one of the most famous post war italian graphic designers fulvio bianconi began his career learning the art of decorating glass at the workshops of murano under the directorship his workslamps. "in the alchemic environment of the muranese furnace glass captures the changing colors of nature " vigna explains "blue off three vases inspired by the works of piero manzoni lucio fontana, made of aluminum brass and steel this ethereal chandelier is ringed by delicate ice blue shades and designed by gino. Marked with acid 'venini murano' height 27 cm marked with acid 'venini murano' height 27 cm literature: marino barovier carla sonego paolo venini e la sua fornace skira milano marked, but then that's why i've come to murano and to its glass museumto see i ask daz who has stopped dead in her tracks in front of a display of red vases with glass flowers the color of her own.

In particular the thick twisted vases in opaque black red and blue from the 'torcia' series 2018 'mario bellini a murano: the architecture of glass the glass of architecture' is at the museum, whether it's a vase; or a drinking glass; or a paperweight some in the shape of a heart the granular pieces of crushed glass some mixtures as colorful as confetti or the mixture called "steel blue.

Italian architect matteo thun has used cold processing techniques to create a series of translucent blown glass vases for murano glassmakers venini colder palettes include purple bluemarine and