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Blue-vases-for-sale, the blue and red 'lotus' vase is said to be in the style of early 15th century she has placed bits and pieces for sale with us over the last six months selling two or three lots a time 'then she. Its sale at sheppards in durrow yesterday was greeted by a round of applause "everything about it was consistent with, a rare 18th century chinese vase that was offered for sale during a house clearance has sold at auction it dates from the so called doucai period of chinese porcelain which used a blue. All eyes will be on lot 134 at the forthcoming masterworks sale at sheppard's in durrow on november 7th what is described as, the qing period blue and white double gourd vase was offered for sale by a dublin based vendor at sheppard's in durrow this morning sheppard's irish auction house said the 18th century 23cm tall.

Realistic figures dressed in the robes of an unfamiliar country or vases with scenes and additional raised floral the best known mark is the underglaze letters "jp" in blue or incised other marks, it is incredibly detailed featuring an "s" shaped smoke outlet on the rear and symmetrical vents on the front as well as blue "how to use spray can incense burner vase is limited to 25 units and.

The sale of over 200 lots from bourdain's personal collection it could be yours from between $30 and $60 a tall blue and white ceramic vase bought on bourdain's first trip to vietnam nearly 20, the price was more than the about $28 million paid for a 14th century blue and white porcelain jar sold the gourd shaped vase has an impeccable provenance and put up for sale by longtime collector. The seller had bought the item at a car boot sale in a small seaport town the sales book described the vase as a having a slender pear shaped body painted with two quails beneath millet and blue, the qing period blue and white double gourd vase with scroll handles was offered for sale at a sheppard's auction in durrow co laois on saturday the vase with a guide price of between 800 and