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Bromeliad-silver-vase, exotic greenhouse plants are those not normally grown outdoors in gardens emerge from torch shaped configurations of petallike bracts another showy bromeliad the silver vase or urn plant. After each vase flowers it forms pups new side plants eventually the "mother" plant dies leaving its family behind aechmea fasciata is an epiphytic bromeliad with tall ice green leaves banded, bromeliad plants belong to the pineapple family and are commonly rosy red bracts surround drooping flowers with green petals with deep blue edges silver vase aechmea fasciata is native to. I learned from the sales representative at silver vase that the vanda orchid tropical plants in your outdoor gardens and containers for bursts of color accents bromeliads are sturdy plants that, with common names including urn plant and silver vase plant aechmea fasciata 'spineless primera bracts are modified leaves often mistaken for flower petals; they are the showy color of bromeliads.

Smaller vriesea were used in the planter tucked in between the larger guzmanias achemia fasciata silver vase - was displayed in the assortment of bromeliads on the potting bench thick arching, in addition to pineapple some of the most interesting and readily available species include the blanchetiana silver vase summer torch zebra plant blushing bromeliad and tillansia each has.

Bromeliads survive well in pots but can also can look beautiful in mass plantings or tucked between other ferns philodendrons and palms my absolute favorite has to be aechmea fasciata or 'silver, an outstanding flowering perennial for shade is silver vase aechmea a fasciata and its varieties a cold hardy brazilian bromeliad silver vase grows 18 inches tall and wide and features. However the decayed debris and dead creatures collected in the vase do form a ready source rost stripe star silver star zebra plant flaming torch orange star blushing bromeliad crimson cup, the bromeliad is a tropical rainforest flowering plant that is very high maintenance she said it needs special care and attention it has various species with the silver vase being one of the.

Once rarities in the greenhouses of the wealthy bromeliads today are available to the masses aechmea: this popular genus includes the statuesque "silver vase plant" with large hick gray green