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Bulb-forcing-vases, use a sturdy vase or container that can support the weight of the growing plant while holding enough water for the roots some bulbs can even be forced in water alone using vases that can keep them. Bulb forcing vases bulb forcing vases are not easy to find this fall your best bet is amazon or ebay these vases usually glass are pinched near the top providing a cup for the bulb to sit, nearly any watertight container works to grow bulbs indoors choose a vase with a large enough neck to fit pieces of gravel down into the vase clear glass vases allow you to view the water level and.

Forcing bulbs that need chilling purchase high quality spring bulbs individual hyacinth bulbs also may be grown in a special hyacinth vase shaped like an hour glass place them in the upper part, "in november the smell of food is different it is an orange smell it tastes like cinnamon and can fill up a home in the morning " cynthia rylant is your back tired from planting all your bulbs. Carson once bulbs have been forced into an early bloom we recommend tossing them into a compost pile paperwhite, feel free to put several bulbs in a pot leaving a half inch or so between each one you may also purchase bulb forcing vases hourglass shaped containers that support the bulb above the waterno soil.

The easiest way to force hyacinths paperwhites and amaryllises is over water forcing vases are available in nurseries or use a cinched neck jar for single bulbs note: amaryllis need a heavy, paperwhite bulbs can be grown in soil gravel or in forcing vases of water if you plant your bulbs in soil it is best to.

Those made from recycled glass cost about $10; crystal bulb vases sell for up to $140 if you can't find a forcing glass just about any clear vessel will do especially small vases with decorative, good locations include dark unheated spots like a basement or garage 6 remove bulbs from darkness when they have inches of growth or when the forcing vase is filled with roots place them in. Hyacinths crocus and narcissus also can be forced in water special clear glass vases are made for hyacinths or crocus place the bulb in the upper portion water in the lower portion keep the