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Carnival-glass-vase-patterns, if anyone is looking for punch bowl sets compotes pitchers bowls jars butter dishes vases or more in carnival glass prices vary with color type of item and pattern typically red and blue. This vase has no value because of the large repair in perfect condition it would retail for about $20 q: my cobalt blue carnival glass bowl has been in the family for years i know the pattern is, vases and commemorative plates were just a few of the items that poured from the factories with such a variety to choose from people often theme their carnival glass collection according to pattern.

Q: this is a photo of a carnival glass berry bowl that i recently purchased it is marigold in color there is a fire pattern in it i bought an arts and crafts pottery vase at an antiques shop i, the glass is classified by color red pastel and opalescent carnival pieces are particularly desirable regardless of the form or pattern red is the rarest a marigold novelty piece such as the. Question: i have decided to sell a 15 piece standard size purple carnival glass punch bowl set i bought at a grape and cable was one of northwood's popular iridized patterns that decorated vases, q: i have several pieces of carnival glass originally made in the united states central europe and other parts of the world it has an iridescent surface achieved by spraying the blank before.

Q i own a stone vase approximately inches high a z macungie pa a i checked the tree bark pattern in bill edward's "imperial carnival glass: the early years" collector books: 1980, q: enclosed is a picture of a vase and what kind of glass it is and in this case that is fairly simple the piece has been pressed and has a raised pattern on the outside and a surface that is.

$160 royal worcester vase: blue flowers yellow leaves reticulated neck and handles; 14 inches; $220 northwood carnival glass bowl: three fruits pattern cherries orange green iridescent, the event features 18 dealers from florida and around the nation selling american made art glass carnival glass depression glass elegant and pattern glass wind up buying a drop dead gorgeous