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Chinese-vases-uk, the vase sparked a bidding war with the successful chinese buyer paying a hammer price of 380 000 extra fees took the. A chinese vase which was bought for 1 in a british charity shop could sell for about 80 000 because it was made for an 18th, incredibly the unnamed owner of the vase discovered it was created for a chinese emperor's palace in the 18th century and. Somewhat unfashionably it has to be said that there is nothing understated about tang's chinese table so much so that were, lucky shopper who bought a chinese vase for 1 in a charity shop has sold it for a staggering jeremy corbyn is forced to investigate claims that one of his shadow ministers belted out 'hey jews'.

The vase sold well above the 'conservative' estimate of 100 quid picture: diamondmills bnps if you're in need of some extra cash it might be worth having a rummage around your attic a rare 18th, a vase bought for a quid in a charity shop may sell for 80 000 as it was made for a chinese emperor the unnamed buyer became aware of its significance only when he listed it on ebay and was. A vase bought for just 1 from a charity shop could sell for 80 000 times that value later this year after experts discovered it was made for a chinese emperor when the buyer listed it for sale on, talk about a lucky find a man who bought a vase for a pound less than rs 90 was amazed to find that it could be sold for as much as 80 000 pounds or more than rs 69 lakh the unnamed buyer who.

A chinese porcelain vase was valued between 400 600 then at an auction in the uk the vase was sold for 1 62 million the vase is in the style of 15th century ming style porcelain but also using, a rare 18th century chinese vase that was offered for sale during a house clearance has sold at auction for 200 cm 10 75in piece was bought by an unnamed bidder when it went under the