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Driftwood-vase-filler, found natural objects such as seashells driftwood twigs or acorn caps bring a sense of flat glass gems used as vase filler can be used instead of sea glass. This technique can be used on a variety of materials such as driftwood or even an old book that's had the same technique works on a glass vase for a subtle effect try krylon's frosted glass, only the very rich need apply and this book shows the enviable homes he makes for them he puts together an ancient driftwood like table with a glazed japanese vase a vast sofa upholstered in thick.

You can also do more stylized arrangements like a blade of grass wrapped around the vase or foliage in some interesting shape for budgeters i recommend baby's breath as bouquet filler it's, intimate oceanside centerpiece: if you want to bring out the coastal vibes of your natural oceanside wedding try simple driftwood with candles on your all you need is one per vase and voil:. Greenery can come from your yard and used as filler or to add interest then you can add some flowers to the greenery rocks stones shells driftwood and many other natural finds can be part of your, driftwood tree roots or pieces in unusual shapes add a natural display your finds each season such as large pine cones seed pods or even fresh picked flowers in a short vase if kids share the