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Flowers-for-cemetery-vases, "somebody come in and they confiscated at least 75 vases off of the bronze markers in the cemetery " said kent vases that held flowers on headstones of former loved ones including a past reverend. Seaside - the california central coast veterans cemetery has a strict policy on what can be placed in the tiny vases on the face of columbaria niches and it only includes fresh flowers that means no, robin purcell had a mystery on his hands every day for nearly a month he would arrive at memorial park cemetery to a scene of vandalism flowers pulled out and laid next to the vases that once.

Lehigh acres fla a punta gorda man is wanted for failing to show up for parole after he stole from a cemetery detectives said 40 year old edward john hornung robbed graves in a lehigh acres, the visalia public cemetery needs to eliminate standing water in the cemetery they ask the public to turn over the vases at your loved one's grave sites and not bring fresh flowers until the mosquito. "it's just odd that they would even think to go to a cemetery first to look for metals " sheriff kelly said kurtland keeter cameron fuller and jordan wilson were after the brass that makes the, greenwood sc wspa - three people face charges after deputies said more than 50 flower vases were stolen from greenwood grave sites according to the report the incident happened at greenwood.

Greenwood sc fox carolina deputies with the greenwood county sheriff's office have arrested three people after they say the trio was found in possession of stolen brass vases from a cemetery, around 7 a m police were called to the 800 block of laurel hill road where the manager of the cemetery said that 20 23 bronze flower vases were taken overnight the manager said that the value of.

Reporter: inside cedar dale cemetery colorful flowers stand out in a snow covered canvas empty holes where two bronze vases once sat only lights left behind >> kind of in disbelief i'm, they discovered there was no place for the flowers to go the vases on their loved one's graves were missing "there's nothing easy about visiting a cemetery anyway to pay respects and to remember a. Wynne ar kait grave concerns in one region 8 community after police say someone ransacked a cemetery stealing several bronze vases according to a wynne police report someone tossed flowers and