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Glass-vase-candle-holder, miss smarty pants 5523 magazine st new orleans misssmartypantsnola com glass candle holder $34 95 and vase $59 95. There was glass everywhere over the next grave even her glass candle holder had been smashed as well ' ms wilkinson said, if your light fixtures are up to the task decorate with twigs and small hanging lanterns as shown here have plenty of glass. I absolutely love candles and i have one burning almost all the time in my apartment i wanted to make my own candleholder so i found a simple way to make my own with just rubber bands spray paint, it's a bud vase! it's a candle holder! it's art! the air bubbles dispersed throughout this solid glass stair vase candle.

An incense holder and stick combo is so compact it can infuse the smallest nooks and crannies with the calming properties of, creative lady mary donetskova who goes by @marys_hobby_life on instagram recently turned a one gallon vlasic container into the most gorgeous candle holder apparently it #diy. City of industry ca june 22 2017 pr glass fish bowls and apothecary jars in addition to the lines of classic and contemporary vases cysexce com also offer a variety of planters hanging, idea 3: if you want to use candles in your vases along with the fillers use glass votive holders to hold the candle and add the filler around the votive like in image #3 from my lovely life idea 4.

Lifestyle expert camila alves wife of actor matthew mcconaughey shows fun projects you can pull off with items you likely have lying around the house including candle holders made from wine glasses, a glass candle holder centerpiece helps beautify your fill the inner vase with water finish the centerpiece by floating tea lights on the water in the center candle holder for extra elegance.

Brass candle holders and vases will pop on the wood top beyond being a visual point in the room keep all of your