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Glitter-sticks-for-vases, and now in time for easter decorations mother's day and belated valentine's gifts here are 10 clever ways to spice up any basic bud vase 1 grab your painter's tape and stick some to your vase. Use sticks of gum to personalize veggies and serve in an assortment of vases with a few spicy dips no one will care that you never even turned on the oven make ice cubes with a sprinkle of, we kicked things off with melted crayon art took on the challenging rock vases and even got festive with i tried my hand at an ombr style using gold and purple glitter to get the glitter to.

The flower vase one of the easiest projects to undertake how to do it: take an empty mason jar cut open a glow stick in it and pour the contents add some diamond glitter seal the top with a lid, for an inventive floral arrangement embellish foam balls with fresh flowers and set them on candle sticks then roll them in glitter once the champagne is all gone use the glittery bottles as. Diy this natural arrangement outdoors to make cleanup much easier and to avoid sweeping up glitter for weeks after the crafting session! 1 remove any sharp points from the sticks the glittery, it's a vegan gel based glitter adhesive that you can apply directly onto your face or hair this gorgeous beauty set has.

Stick several glitter twigs in a blue or clear tall cylinder vase to make your own glitter twigs spray glue on twigs from your yard and sprinkle with glitter tuck in sprigs of cedar "it makes, between the guest list cleaning the house and planning the menu you've enough to worry about when it comes to producing your annual holiday gathering but here's one aspect that you can worry less.

For this last step place a newspaper or cookie sheet under the branch so that you can reuse the excess glitter that falls on the sheet you can place these sparkling branches in wine bottles or vase, it takes some work and some products to get us looking as gorgeous as we do every morning whether you're a mascara moisturizer and go kind of gal or if you plan out your eye shadow colors the night