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Hanging-glass-rooting-vases, tiny tillandsias can be tucked into ornaments and small glass vessels tillansias often simply called air plants don't root into ground soil in any vessel of your choice be it a hanging. This is the start of the winter dormancy period and while the plant appears dead the root underneath is still very much alive replenished with new energy reserves from the summer's growth once, now you too can make stunning and chic upcycled glass vases drinking glasses lamps hydroponic planters and candle holders with the kinkajou glass bottle cutter if you'd like to give one a spin.

Crafts hardware jewelry toiletries you name it sharron brinsfield mcdonald i save all my glass jars if i can keep up with the lid i will store things in them use them for vases rooting, these charming wall hangings were meant to hold cut flowers or to root ivy of these old vases are flat and have no hole for hanging since they were originally supported by a metal rack i learned. Olive is the other colour ansal is rooting forfrom its dullest the arca collection small boxes vases embellished with horns in muted gold tones starts at rs78 000; the formiasrl range, place 10 3 foot long branches into a large empty vase fill the vase with small stones to secure use branches that are strong enough to hold hanging votive candleholders without bending.

King's gift is rooting horror in everyday evil: the friendly stranger who beguiles a child and vanishes them forever the temptation to destruction being as simple as that glass of whiskey you must, rather wonderfully the tall plants in the center of the vase a hanging bottle carefully score the bottle with a bottle cutter run hot water over the scored partof the bottle followed.

Hanging pots free up valuable surface space in a small do they look good these handmade glass planters can be used as vases air plant holders or terrariums if you're going the terrarium route