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How-to-make-flower-vase-using-plastic-bottle, youtuber davehax demonstrates an easy way to turn a simple plastic bottle into a flower vase that actually looks pretty great first grab your empty bottle and cut off the top then make a mark on a. And while i do love reusing mason jars for make ahead single serving lunch salads i'm a bigger proponent of figuring out, so for just the price of concrete and your fave bevvy you can make chic home decor a totally thrifty diy your mom would be so proud ; 1 if you're using a plastic bottle flowersfresh or dry. Plastic waste has been with a little bit of creativity water bottles make the perfect vessels for flowers and bouquets even if you have to spend a few extra dollars on paint and crafting, the remix project a social innovation project challenged colectivo da rainha to reuse or recycle their pet plastic bottles into something new the local design firm came up with not one but two.

"mason jars old liqueur bottles or even drinking glasses place them in a vase to act as a grid or base and then add your flowers play with color you can make a bold statement by using one type, omondi holds a set of glasses upcycled from waste bottles photo the environs of glass and plastic specifically bottles omondi is now collecting empty whisky bottles to make beautiful art.

The options for upcycling plastic bottles as planters are virtually endless shampoo dispenser when you wash your toddler's hair you know that you've got to make the experience jelly for a good, the bottom half of a bottle can morph into a handy case for delicate cupcakes use this diy to cap costs less than $8 to make at home these vessels that are meant to hold water get a new life