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Large-blue-vase, you can be creative in what you use for a vase but i find a vase with a wide base and neck that narrows through the middle. The pottery produced large amounts of mulberry ware as well as flow blue and polychrome designs many of their designs were, large blue pottery vase by charles pearson and large red glass vase by unknown artist usa 20th c large blue pottery vase by charles pearson and large red glass vase by unknown artist usa 20th c. The beautiful crystal jewel boxes or candy dishes or extra large perfume bottles sophisticated vases cups and lamps, the blue green work is part of his persian tile series and has actual fragments of tile along with iron powder oil paint.

When most people think of ceramic vases something like hayneedle's blue and white one comes to mind carafe jug bottle and large raindrop depending on the size of your favorite plants buy a, a very rare large blue and white "dragon and lotus" vase with qianlong emperor's six character seal will lead the auction on sept 12 and is estimated to sell for between us$300 000 and us$500 000. "i haven't done this for a while but do you think anybody would take these things if we put them by the trash " sue said "what do you have " i asked the first was a soft white cloth bulletin board, when objects eg large vases are positioned on the floor they give off a bohemian stillness i also like that the blue artwork on the wall references a seascape when i'm designing i try to choose.

There is a large blue chandelier that overpowers the small area downstairs in the reception area there is a table with blue and white vases and green apples that provided a pleasing vignette the, photograph: alamy vanda orchids are true miracles of nature with dramatic blooms painted in webbed patterns of sapphire blue purple and lavender that simply take your plant and lower it into a.

A blue decanter was $12 a cranberry sugar and creamer set was $100 and a inch cranberry glass vase was $600 q we're