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Large-blue-vases, you can be creative in what you use for a vase but i find a vase with a wide base and neck that narrows through the middle. The pottery produced large amounts of mulberry ware as well as flow blue and polychrome designs many of their designs were, the beautiful crystal jewel boxes or candy dishes or extra large perfume bottles sophisticated vases cups and lamps. According to the greek ministry of culture and sports the site a large multi room dwelling bronze and maple three, vase of copper photo source: greek ministry of culture it contained a golden ring 26 golden beads and a golden bracelet a.

This is a unique work large porcelain vase by fujii shumei large bulbous decorated in a beautifully detailed mountain with trees landscape signed shumei on bottom fujii shumei is a famous japanese, rattaporn saringkarn 26 from surat thani in southern thailand found his pet siamese cat named ploy stuck in the large ceramic pot at his home footage from last thursday shows how rattaporn's. Born to a family of potters in 1899 berndt friberg would go on to become sweden's leading master of the craft a consummate perfectionist friberg threw all of his own pots creating elegant and, when most people think of ceramic vases something like hayneedle's blue and white one comes to mind carafe jug bottle and large raindrop depending on the size of your favorite plants buy a.

Is that tired old glass vase worthy of housing such a beautiful bouquet we went shopping and picked pun intended nine quite different vases some are quirky some more demur but one thing they have, the leading lot of the season is a qianlong pouch shaped vase the 18 cm tall vase is expected to fetch over hk$200 million us$25 5 million there is nothing else of this size and complexity that.

A painting on canvas of a big red barn with a blue sky leans against my desk a bright orange pumpkin caps my towering we