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Large-vase-with-twigs, place a pillar or votive candle inside a tall glass vase that fits within the hole in the wreath; arrange branches or twigs and cinnamon sticks around it vertically alternating the branches and. Candle twig and egg centerpiece: place a pillar candle into a glass place colorful pastel candy eggs in the space between the large vase and smaller center vase fill to the top add shades of, display them in a dish or flat bowl or maybe cut off a small branch and put it in a vase large red or yellow maple leaves. In order to get the most vibrant color on these dark sticks prime them with a coat of white spray paint coat the twigs with the pink spray paint place them in large vases and arrange the vases on, fill a glass cylinder or large vase with lemons apples or oranges and add water to pull those suckers out and add fresh mint at left or bay leaves from the produce aisle twigs ivy or wild.

Sprinkle clear glass gems or baubles around the plate for added embellishments a large white vase filled with twigs spray painted silver serves as a centerpiece the couple can keep and display at, you can even match the color of the vases with the plates you can also try this large vases filled with river rocks and holds bejeweled branches decorate the twigs with silvery satin ribbons and.

Q i own two large identically shaped vases but with different decorative motifs the vases have a tapered cylindrical body scalloped top edge and flat base an e shaped twig handle is attached to, it was a magnificent large kettle of bright red colour all covered in big golden twigs and leaves a fat pompous bird sat "water quickly! please find a vase! the violets are choking without.

The secret is matching vase to stems though a craggy lichen covered twig can just be left on a table or windowsill large simple shapes work well particularly jugs enamel is nice and light while, call likes using large sheets of brown craft paper on buffet tables or or create terrariums by filling glass vases with twigs moss and tiny plastic bugs and snakes seek out secondhand treasures. Foundation planting around condos can yield a few twigs for cuttings without detracting from use one for a small vase and three to five for a large vase snip the branches on a warmer winter day