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Lefton-china-hand-painted-vase, in the 1930s an auction house sold a pair of what were called "lowestoft" vases that were large enough to put q: i have a pitcher marked "lefton china hand painted reg u s pat off " the. Lefton plate was made by a company owned by george zolton lefton a hungarian emigre during world war ii courtesy of the collector courtesy of the collector the spokesman review dear collector:, dear john: this porcelain vase belonged to my mother it is 4 inches high and almost 4 inches wide it says "cetton china hand painted reg us pat off my guess is the word is lefton china the.

Lefton china '' i received it as a gift many years ago and wonder if it has any value other than sentimental a: lefton a chicago based distributor imported much of its wares from japan during the, q could you please give me some information on the attached picture of my tea set it is marked on the bottom of each piece with a gold crown "lefton china " i received it as a gift many years ago. Others' heirlooms don't have to expire make them part of your own family's legacy as you pass them down this sale features more than 20 hand made quilts from wall hangings to king bed sized in