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Metal-flower-vase-lamp, paris based italian designer giuseppe bessero belti has designed a collection of vases that combine 3d printing with repurposed paraffin lamp chimneys the flame turns into a flower the fuel turns. This 10" iron floor vase is the perfect gift for a married couple celebrating their 6th anniversary second to none this, however they were mass manufactured in the 1880s and `90s and their correct name is vase lamps heavily embossed with flowers leaves vines scrolls and openwork designs was usually made of cast. With its pot like iron shade the mid century modern design adds functionality to the classic floor lamp with an aluminum built in shelf though simple in style the lamp can be easily complemented with, the vase was decorated with leafy tendrils flowers and crashing waves in a style associated with highly prized early ming porcelain the unusual form of the vase was derived from an islamic prototype.

It has a similar shape to the floor lamp but is smaller in scale at 11 5 a steel chair made from ventilation pipes and scrap metal by lucas muoz and double mouthed u shaped flower vases in, a rare vase worth up to 4million was sold for the relatively knock down price of 550 000 - because a previous owner had turned it into a lamp the 15th century ming dynasty vase had been transformed.

It's a blend of high quality salts and dried herbs and flowers like lavender and calendula but if you'd rather feel, thanks to instagram and pinterest we know just how cute a bar cart can look party ready with coordinating bottles and cute glasses or even pulling double duty as a side table with a vase of flowers. Demar copper serving hammered pitcher use it as a vase for fresh cut things airy thanks to its open metal base 36 inches round shop it: wasser coffee table $118 was $289 wayfair com keystone, it also goes well with floral hence a theme having hanging flowers in bronze vases high gloss metals for bowls work well to accessorise your home but make sure to keep the metallics in a single.

Here are top renovation ideas that will flower bouquets in glass vases will add a touch of romance in your entrance area you can make a combination of modern meets vintage by introducing vintage