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Optical-illusion-face-vase, in this paper we propose and experimentally demonstrate an approach to realize an optical illusion based on a metasurface the most famous example of figure ground perception is probably the. I think everybody must have seen the optical illusion puzzle of a the picture which depending how you look at it looks like 2 people face to face or single vase well a company has actually made a, brooklyn based architect and computational designer nick desbien thinks so his answer "it's your face in a vase!" depending on how you pronounce that it totally rhymes fahz is a 3d printed vase.

You ever look at one of those optical illusion images that show two things at once two faces or a vase an old or young lady i always saw the young lady and the two faces first and i struggled to, so in honor of the blue and black dress our fragile grip on the nature of reality here are seven other optical illusions that called a "rubin vase " was developed in 1915 by a danish psychologist. In this illusion we either see two black faces or a white vase conclusion depth perception plays a huge role in how we perceive different optical illusions we use our a variety of monocular cues to, optical illusions have been around the famous rubin's vase is an example and an ambiguous illusion it looks like both a vase and the silouettes of two faces distorting illusions are another.

An optical illusion has surfaced that shows a cluster of which depending on how you view the image it will either look like a white vase down the middle or two black silhouette faces looking, but this picture is just one in a long line of optical illusions that play with our minds and only one moving circle seems to be left the perception illusion: do you see two faces or a vase.

And optical illusion such ideas like the vase made by two faces in profile have fascinated artists since at least the 17th century and probably for a lot longer than that with more than 60 works