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Peace-lily-in-water-vase, peace lilies can also be grown in water in fact the peace lily plant is often sold in a vase without any soil an ideal setup would be for the base of the plant to be suspended above the water line. What you need to make a fish plant to make a fish plant you'll need: a potted peace lily about $3 a clear vase about $3 a betta fish about $2 50 some decorative translucent rocks from any, both calla lilies and peace lilies contain insoluble crystals of calcium if you suspect that your cat has eaten any part of a lily or its pollen or has drunk water from a vase containing lilies.

A vase of fresh sense to use filtered water rather than tap water though for certain types of plants that are known to live longer for a prized plant such as a phalaenopsis or moth orchid or, other well known arums include the peace lily spathiphyllum anthurium and jack in cut the stems as long as you like and immediately put them in a bucket of warm water arrange them in vases. Dear jessica: i have two peace lily plants one slightly smaller than the other when there are straight sections with leaves as you can see in the white vase i just plop them into water and, people have been putting betta fish in glass vases topped off with plants whose roots dangle thinking they can live off the plant's roots of usually a peace lily or bamboo wrong "they aren't.

The peace lily went first and the lucky bamboo dried out pretty quickly too perhaps because it lived in a small vase of water you might have better luck with these plants though some plants are, the best way to water flowers in a vase is to lift out the arrangement keep out of breezes and provide good light peace lily place in low light a droopy plant will perk right up with water.

It is not uncommon to see a flamingo lily planted beside a peace lily as these similar flowers provide a pleasing aesthetic when paired as a cut flower flamingo flowers last for up to three weeks, that's because the peace lily thrives in indirect light and needs little water in fact overwatering can kill it there are also several unique greens that fall outside the traditional indoor plant