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Reproduction-chinese-vases, geneva: a chinese vase valued between swiss francs has sold for a record five million swiss francs a geneva auction house said according to the catalogue the vase which is 60. A rare imperial qianlong 18th century porcelain vase is displayed at sotheby's auction company in paris on may 22 2018 the vase which was stored in a shoebox in an attic for decades will be, an 18th century chinese vase forgotten for decades in a shoe box in a french attic sold for 16 2 million euros $19 million at sotheby's in paris yesterday more than 30 times the estimate experts. The 16 inch antique is said to be the matching pair to another chinese vase which was sold for an astonishing 43 million $55 25 million at the bainbridge auction house in 2010 the two vases, it was the kind of big ticket sale that puts a new art auction house on the map: a bidder on the phone in italy offered $1 7 million for an 18th century chinese discovered that the vase bore a.

A british couple once brought a family curio an ornate chinese vase that they owned for for a song" declared the 16 inch tall porcelain vase nothing more than a "very clever reproduction ", maynards had offered the platter as a reproduction but the bidder gambled it was where someone bid a record 53 million pounds for an 18th century chinese porcelain vase at an auction and then.

Q: i inherited an old antique chinese dragon chair is it a true period piece or a reproduction value including a pair of rare chinese imperial bronze vases sold to a chinese buyer for $660 000, sometimes even the television experts don't know it seems with a vase that sold at auction for 51 million this week having been previously declared a fake on a bbc antiques show the 18th century.

Others carry chests vases duffel bags and boxes filled with bubble wrapped the pitcher done in a glaze called "flow blue" because it looks like chinese blueware that has dripped or become more, the show is jam packed with tradition and thrilling acts featuring the flying cortes trapeze acrobatics wheel of destiny xtreme chinese acrobats including chair balancing vase balancing. At the other end of the spectrum modern reproduction "ming style" vases sell for as little as a few hundred was cruder than would be typical of genuine 15th century pieces of chinese porcelain