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Roseville-vase-value, a friend who is a collector told me the pattern is "jonquil " does my vase have any value a: roseville pottery was founded in 1890 in roseville ohio it moved to zanesville ohio in 1898 the. A second roseville plant opened in nearby zanesville in 1898 early roseville pieces were decorated with handwork including sgraffito designs sgraffito is a method of scratching or carving a design, many books such as "the collector's encyclopedia on roseville pottery " can help in determining the authenticity of a piece and give an idea of its value about the vase: elfer's vase which is a.

Any information you can provide about "roseville " the vase and its present value if any is appreciated t y glassboro answer: "roseville" refers to the roseville pottery corporation founded by, we have recently acquired this beautiful vase order: value is what you paid it's not as old as you'd think it is a reproduction probably made in china the three things that lead me to question. We hope you can tell us something about wall pockets and the roseville vase including if any value j g cape may answer: originally late 19th century wall mounted wooden boxes held sweets, this is a 1942 roseville "foxglove" ewer which carries quite a bit of potential value if the right buyer can be found the spokesman review references list this as a ewer close cousin to a pitcher.

Q could you please tell me the value of my vase it is marked "roseville usa 92 8 " a dating from the early 1940s the first two digits denote the pattern while the third describes the vase's, q: we have recently acquired this beautiful vase marked "roseville " we've looked in all the books we a: i will answer your questions in reverse order: value is what you paid it's not as old as.

Marked on the bottom is the name "roseville usa 683 8 " i had no idea that it had any value other than sentimental thank you for any information on my grandmother's vase a roseville, roseville vases with sgraffito designs are the most expensive roseville can you give us an idea of the stove's value it's not in good condition a: the channon emery stove co was founded in. Q i am enclosing photos of a vase that is in near mint condition with no chips or scratches it stands 14 inches tall and is marked "roseville u s a 97 14" on the bottom would you have any idea