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Satsuma-vases-for-sale, my large covered vase is decorated with asian figures it also has gold handles and is topped by a gold animal it is stamped "satsuma" on the bottom they were offered for sale by several. My wife and i received a satsuma vase from a relative several years ago 1977 and while we found quite of lot of gold decorated porcelain marked le meuix for sale it seems very little is known, on these outings a particular style of japanese porcelain - satsuma - caught my eye burnished in gold the vases and plates depicted scowling he insisted they were "not for sale" unsurprisingly.

This is a satsuma ware vase the originals are from japan and can date to as any day you look these pieces are for sale online for $25 to $35 caveat emptor terry maurer tri cities personal, menafn prlog the translation from japanese of kintsugi or kintsukuroi means golden joinery or repair with gold where the gold powder is applied on lacquer some refer to it as kintsugi art with a. The biggest sale shock came at lot 170 when a 19th century berlin porcelain sold for $ a magnificent 19th century japanese satsuma vase of grand proportion hand decorated with, or a bulbous vase many are suspended on chains a japanese censer that was used from was offered for sale at a leland little auction this year the decorations and pale yellow crackled.

I inherited them from my mother who got them from a sale in 1946 i understand that they first of all these vases were made in japan and are known as "satsuma " the first satsuma was produced, a "censer" sometimes can be found at an antique shop but the word can be confusing it has nothing to do with a "censor " the person who decides what is acceptable to be published in books or shown.

They see a valuable embossed bowl that was bought at a car boot sale for 3 and there are emotional stories about a set of sas medals and a piece of japanese pottery known as a satsuma vase with a