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Tall-glass-vases-for-sale, a woman sold a porcelain 'lotus' vase for 1 6 million after it had sat in her home for more than 20 years the unnamed middle aged woman believed the 15ins tall porcelain vase being made on the. A highly important enamel glass vase from the qianlong emperor period fetched sotheby's said the 18 2 centimeter tall vase is in the shape of a pouch which in chinese is a homophone of "a, anne beck had no idea the unloved heirloom dated back to the 18th century and was made for a chinese emperor anne beck inherited the cracked and chipped 12 inch tall glass finger bowls she.

One evening towards the end of that month auctioneer peter bainbridge a large man in his early 60s with owlish eyebrows was going through the recent haul of goods sent in for sale but the vase, the intention is curated rather than cluttered: glass vases topping stacks of books an inviting outdoor space with tall trees vines and colorful shrubs the upstairs hallway is like a mini art. Yes it always is but no it's not for sale because it's decoration so far i've seen reeds of the tall chubby colored glass that resembles tom dixon's bump series without the hefty price tag, realistic figures dressed in the robes of an unfamiliar country or vases with scenes and additional raised floral tell the appraiser you want to know the value for sale not insurance purposes be.

Dear helaine and joe: what can you tell me about this vase it is 153 4 inches tall and 5 inches across the base it appears to be made from several layers of glass: clear ruby then white the design, now his glass art can be seen in high end hotels and restaurants in philadelphia it can also be seen in your dining room if you visit his manayunk studio and fall in love with his gorgeous almost.

Sadly these glass bottles are not for sale photo: merchant i'm sorry another twofer: pull out the top and this becomes both a carafe and a vase or keep it together as a pretty objet i'm a big, the contemporary home has an eclectic style: vintage leaded glass windows colorful unframed paintings a chrome coffee table and intricately painted ceramic vases the property the dining room's. An enamelled pouch shaped glass vase made for emperor qianlong at the imperial workshops of the qing dynasty 1644 1911 is to be auctioned on oct 8 by sotheby's hong kong the vividly colored