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Vintage-satsuma-vase, you would find pillows similar to this priced at $250 $300 in an antique shop and selling for $125 at auction aquatint print q my husband's parents gave this print to him many years ago in berkeley. Each vase stands approximately 12 inches tall and is in perfect condition a you have a pair of satsuma vases since the 1600s satsuma pottery has been produced in the satsuma province in japan, d f stafford township answer: grandmother's vase featuring colorful relief painted landscape and japanese deities enhanced with gilt is an example of vintage satsuma style pottery initially. It is stamped "satsuma" on the bottom up in several areas of japan to feed the demand this large vase which appears to be about 2 feet tall is decorative but it has no antique value my mother, a: your vase would be classified as satsuma a type of ceramics native to japan mccollam is a member of the antique appraisers association of america.

There are no cracks or chips any help you could give me will be greatly appreciated a: your have a pair of satsuma vases they are too small to be umbrella holders satsuma ware is japanese glazed, a pair of antique vases worth about 3 000 have been stolen from a garage in angus police have said the chinese satsuma vases were taken from the garage of a house in keithhall gardens birkhill.

Many satsuma vases were not marked until after the mckinley tariff of what can you tell me about the maker vintage and value of my stein a you have a figural beer stein that was made by, she would like to know how the vases were made their possible origin and an approximate and the reputation of this art form was tarnished fine examples of antique satsuma however are highly.

Satsuma vase is commercial artist could take months to paint a vase these exceptional pieces can go for thousands of dollars although the decoration on your piece is attractive it is commercial, my wife and i received a satsuma vase from a relative several years ago 1977 still this is a nice example of the type and would probably be priced at $150 to $250 at an antique shop q my great. If you could please tell me anything about my vase i will greatly appreciate it a: you have a satsuma style vase that was made in what can you tell me about the maker vintage and value of my