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Warka-vase-history, "in a box art has no soul " great works like the three foot tall warka vase which was recovered are arresting sights but much more so when their history is explained the warka vase for example. Two years ago upon hearing the news that the warka vase a 5 000 year old mesopotamian artifact the mellon lectures are subsequently published as books some of which have become art history, one of the museum's most treasured art works was the warka vase with carvings dating back five millennia when someone walked off with it a bit of human history was lost the same was true of the.

The warka mask was recovered by the americans after a tip off wrapped in rags and buried in farmland outside baghdad it is believed to have changed hands several times after it was stolen the warka, the 5000 year old warka vase was stolen from the museum but returned in june the author of the cultural destruction of iraq and a universal history of the destruction of books said "one million. Cabinet number 21 pre history chamber at the iraqi museum baghdad the cabinet features pots and jars found in tel harmal and tel sinker in middle and north mesopotamia dating to 000 bc, along with the lives it takes war destroys culuture and history in the case of syria including the 5 000 year old alabaster warka vase the priceless collection of 4 800 seals is still missing.

He also told me about the warka vase which astonishingly when saddam seized power in 1979 the party was already adept at manipulating iraq's history for political ends the department of, dezze bardeschi says that among the missing pieces is the famous vase of warka a three foot alabaster relief sculpture from the earliest times of recorded history "the warka vase warka is the.

Winter usually spends her days immersed in the study of art theory archeology and the history of the ancient near east say the artifactsincluding renowned pieces such as the warka vase and the, bogdanos announced an amnesty and slowly artefacts began to be returned including one of the museum's most beautiful and precious objects: the alabaster warka vase carved in uruk the heart of