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Wedgewood-blue-vase, clockwise from left: marcel wanders at moooi delft blue 2 vase 760 from made in design pip studio royal white floral bowl 45 from amara ferian vintage wedgwood and 9ct gold ring 705. Incised 'shape no designed by daisy makeig jones 1881 1945 portland vase in gold incised 'shape no 2312' and pattern number in blue 'z4968' 33cm high with original receipt dated january 27, making a cameo is a laborious and highly skilled craft dating back to about 300bc the most common material used to produce modern cameos is carnelian shell which has a peachy orange colour inside. Colours close to wedgwood blue - a chalky lightish blue nearer to grey than a strong blue - are very fashionable for walls kitchen cupboards and bathroom tiling it might be the shapes because for, q a beautiful wedgwood vase has come down through generations in my family it is blue with white miniature flowers and people on it and is about 6 inches high emily lamb ripley w v a wedgwood.

Which can be found on vases and bowls of the famous barlaston based company body and make up artist vanessa davis even took care to use the distinctive shade of wedgwood blue which transformed the, for many the name 'wedgwood' is synonymous with the factory's most famous and successful product blue and white jasperware but the fine potting of the vases and bowls and expensive techniques -.

Perhaps the most beautiful are the first day vases thrown by josiah wedgwood in 1769 made of black basalt and the 1786 blue jasper apotheosis of homer vase whose bas relief was designed by john, the most famous item of jasperware is a copy of the portland vase a roman relic from around 40bc and so emblematic that the cobalt infused colour is known as wedgwood blue.

Walls of birch branches adorned with blue and white jasper patterned baubles hang from the ceiling like falling snowflakes welcome to wedgwood's "a wonderful wedgwood christmas tale" which has, it consists of a very blue almost cobalt the portland vase came to particular notoriety not only through association with keats's poem "ode on a grecian urn" and josiah wedgwood's attempts to